It’s been quite some time since I’ve written.

Not too much has gotten done. That’s why.

But things are finally moving.

I’m currently at Factor e Farm, and still getting used to the lack of tools here… Yes, I had been here before, but then, I was making the CEB. That really doesn’t require too many tools. The ironworker, however, is a much more complex machine, so it requires many more tools.

I’ve basically spent the last few weeks being a mechanic and electrician. Things are breaking constantly around here (even more than at Enniss!). I had to get the 3 phase power set up here so I could use the mill to do the remainder of the machining.

I have finished machining the upper arm (blog entry to come). I’m currently finishing it up. I welded the support pieces to the back, and tomorrow I’ll drill the holes for the blades. After that, I’m stuck, as the mills are down.



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