Machining angle mount- Milling to proper size

Machining down angle mount, at 45 degree angle.

To mill the mount to the proper size, I first had to mount the piece at a 45 degree angle with the table. I had to be a little creative here, as the large piece would hit the machine during travel if I wasn’t careful. I found that since much of the material had been mag-drilled away, I could take up to 3/8″ depth away at a time! This made the process a bit faster. I didn’t remove to full depth yet, as that is something I wanted to do all at once, to insure everything had the exact same height.

I left about 1/8″ clearance for the blade, so it won’t interfere with mount.

After machining at the 45 degree angle, I changed the angle to 50.7 degrees. This is because this is where the blade will rotate to, so you have to insure the blade has full rotation. See this video:

After doing all of that, I machined everything to the final depth.

I found that the slitting saw went a bit deep once more in some spots. However, the variation wasn’t nearly as much as with the flat blade.

I decided there wasn’t enough variation to warrant welding it. I checked by using a blade (because it’s perfectly flat, and heavy enough to not move around), and a set of feeler gauges. I found the maximum deviation to be .0025″. Since the overall clearance between blades needs to be between .007″ and .010″, I machined the depth to .007″, so if anything goes wrong, I have a few thousandths to play with. Since I left .003″ play, and the deviation is only .0025″ I figured this will be OK, as even if the blade warps the mount, it will still be within tolerance.

I should have been a bit carefuler about where I mag-drilled, but it really won’t effect the strength of the piece, and some more of it will be removed when I machine the space for the angle mount.


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