Machining the angle mount- Removing excess material

The first step of machining the angle mount was to remove most of the material from the Upper Arm.

I did this by first slitting as deep as I could into the arm, first, parallel to the blade mount, and then across it. Since the slitting saw will only enter 2″ deep, you can’t remove more than a 2″ strip at once. This means you will have to remove material in multiple passes. The process would be infinitely easier with a horizontal mill, but we didn’t have one, so I had to make due.

After this first pass, I had to mag-drill around the section that the saw couldn’t reach so I could remove the large section.

After that, I continued slitting bits at a time, and removing material by mag-drilling it out. If the slug was still attached to a bit of steel, I would pry and hit it with a hammer to remove it.

After the first pass, I machined down a stripe so the cap on the slitting saw wouldn’t interfere, and I could continue cutting at the same height.

Space machined down for the cap

See the gallery below for a series of how all the material was removed.


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