Slitting saw inaccuracies

Unfortunately, the slitting saw wasn’t as accurate as I’d thought it would be. Once I’d removed the on the flat blade material, I noticed the variation of about 1/16″. The surface needs to be perfectly flat and recessed 2.005+_.005″. This gives the blades the proper clearance to do a perfect shear.

I had thought the saw would be accurate to 1/32″, so that’s where I made the cut. However, I was off a bit on the measurement and there was significant variation. So, the middle of the cut was about 1/32″ high, and the sides were about 1/32″ low. I will need to weld up the low spots and machine it to size. To accurately find the high’s and lows, I used a fly cutter to take it all to the correct height. where it show’s it’s low, I will weld.

Since the high spot was in the middle, It tells me that the variation couldn’t have been caused by mounting the piece crooked.

This is a very time-consuming error. Machining is something in which you pay heavily for your sins….

I’ll update this with pictures tonight or tomorrow morning.


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