Slitting saw update

I slit the first set of 2″ deep slots for the flat blade, and the angle blade today. Here’s my findings:

  • It is possible to do the entire depth in one cut. However, it did seem to go a bit smoother with the pilot of the 3″ carbide blade.
  • You must enter to full depth very slowly or the blade will stick. I went about 1/3 as fast going in, as slicing across.
  • It worked best at 85 RPM. The equation I found here (along with a few other good tips) would suggest RPM’s of about 43. Our machine could do 36, 54, or 85. At both 36 and 54 RPM’s, the blade didn’t have enough momentum to prevent it from getting stuck easily.
  • Using Mistic Metal Mover, and Boelube really helps to make it cut. I applied both liberally when the blade started to make extra noise.
  • When the blade sticks, sometimes it works to back it off a tad and try again. Sometimes you need to take it out all the way.
  • When something snaps, its almost always the bolt. It pays to take it out even if it seems to tighten up OK. A few times, it snapped, but still held lightly together. Had I continued machining, the bolt would have fully broken off inside the threads and been very time consuming to remove.

Tomorrow, I’m flipping it up and will cut out the flat blade and part of the angle blade.


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