3/29 update

After assembling the machine, I realized I would need to disassemble part of the frame to make the slit for the vertical linkage middle bolt. I had thought I could just move the linkages out of the way, but the side pieces were to close for that. Today, I’m gonna mag-drill and torch it.

I also torched the 3″ holes yesterday. my torching skills have really improved. I’m learning more about it every day.

It was frustrating- yesterday was the day of distractions. A few people came and went from the shop and they all felt the need to stop by and chat. I can brush off most people, but it gets a bit harder when the offender is over 70 years old. Grandad and I worked on getting the arbor for a slitting saw, which I now hope to be using to cut away the blade space on the upper arm. This is really advantageous, because it gives a lot of accuracy, and I can simply cut out the rectangles that need to be removed.

Expect another picture and video bomb by tommorow morning- left my camera in the shop.

A slitting saw


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