3/27 update

  • Ian Midgley came Monday and filmed for the instructional video.  We focused on assembling the lower half of the machine. It was great getting to know Ian a bit better, and nice having a hand in some of the more physical work for the project!

Current progress

Unfortunately, I didn’t get many instructional videos or pictures of my own, because Ian was taping the whole time. I’ll get some from him later and post it.

So, we assembled the lower half of the machine. I’ll video a walkthru of it today, and post it soon.

Basically, steps would be as follows:

  1. Place lower arm in laying down position, so it is accessible from top end (top in photo above) with forklift.
  2. Install linkage pin holders with 2″ pins, but leave the bolts a bit loose, so you can put in linkage
  3. Support the linkage from below, and drive the 2.5″x6″ long pin thru the linkage pin holders and it. Put the washer and nut on the pin.
  4. Install cylinder on the lower arm, so the rod is near the linkage.
  5. Join the linkage and the cylinder.
  6. Place the correct vertical linkage on top of the main linkage and drive a 2.5″x7″ pin thru it.
  7. Install front and back of support frame on the piece.
  8. Pick up the piece with your forklift, so the forks are between the cylinder and main linkage.
  9. With it at least 3″ onto the forks, and a support below incase the piece falls, tip the lower arm assembly upright.
  10. Install the bottom of the frame.
  11. Install the other vertical linkage
  12.  Install the side pieces of frame and braces.
  • grinding grease channels in the vertical linkages (see vid below)

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