Goals for week of 3/19

Well, I failed to meet many of my goals last week, but things move on. I feel like I can get a lot done this week.

Main goal: Assemble the lower arm with the frame. This requires:

  • Make and weld cylinder mount (tuesday)
  • Drill and tap remaining holes for mounting frame (tuesday)
  • Weld washers to the remaining 2″ pins (tuesday)
  • Weld U-channel to frame bottom (tuesday)
  • Weld the 2.5″ Pins (tuesday)did  tuesday, but messed one up so will fix it.
  • Freeze fit all bushings in Linkage Pin Holder and Linkage. (Wednesday)
  • Install fittings on cylinder (wednesday)
  • Drill/ torch holes for vertical linkage (wednesday)
  • Sand smooth the main linkage (wednesday)
  • Find way to freeze fit the messed up bushing  in (thursday)
  • Torch away excess on vertical linkage (thursday)
  • Assembly (thursday and friday)- meaning put together cylinder, linkage,  Vertical linkages (bottom) frame components, lower arm, linkage pin holders.

Ship welder to OSE

  • Prep it to go wednesday.


I think that’s enough goals for the week. =) lets hope I meet them. If I do, the next step is to torch the 3″ holes in the upper arm and saw away where the blades will mount.


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