3/9 update

Yesterday, I finished up the Main Linkage, and drilled the remaining holes in the Lower angle mount.

The finished Main Linkage (OK I still need to sand and freeze fit, but this only takes a few minutes)

I tried to saw off the extra material on the linkage, but ended up breaking 2 blades attempting to saw the material. I’ve determined I’m not strong enough to properly use it. Jimmy ended up cutting off most of it. I broke the last blade in the middle of a cut, so we had to torch off the remainder. (see video below)

Then I milled the rest of the material so it was 1 1/16″, to fit the cylinder. This took ~4 hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t open up the cylinder until I’d already machined it, and the opening between the ears was actually 1 3/16″, different than what the specs said. This pissed me off because I probably spent an extra hour machining off that material, because the specs lied. This taught me a valuable lesson– check materials which have been received for their specs. Don’t assume they match.

I also drilled and bored the hole for the cylinder mount. See the video below about the difficulties I had mag-drilling the material.

Also, I finally ordered the fastener from Bolt Depot.

On an unrelated note, I just sold a $350 bookshelf, so many of my recent money worries are over! Might take a bit of time away from fabrication, but I can afford gas for another month!! I’d been in a bookshelf slump for all of Februrary, and had only sold $55 worth of merchandise. I have enough saved to last a few more months, but lack of income scares the pants off me. Huge weights have been lifted from my shoulders.


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