3/8 update

I finished putting the holes in the Lower Flat Mount today, as well as drilled the holes for mounting the blade for the angle blades. See the photos and video below.

I’m going to wait to weld the table and angle support on until I have the machine assembled. I may need to machine away some of the mount to make proper clearance for the blades. Waiting insures machining will be much, much easier. Also, its either machining that, or machining the upper arm more, which is very un-desirable.

I broke the blade trying to cut the linkage today. Purchased more, and will try again today. If I’m successful, I’ll machine the rest of the main linkage and be done with it tomorrow.

I’m also ready to start on the lower arm! I’ll start by mag-drilling the holes for the linkage pin holder, and main pin holder.

Transfer punching the holes for mounting the blade


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