3/5 Update

I was awfully sluggish today, because I’m tired from having such an awesome weekend!

Saturday, I picked Marcin up from the TED talks in Long Beach so I could show him the Ironworker. Ian Midgely also came down to do some professional video of the Ironworker. After visiting our shop, I took Marcin rock climbing for his first time, to show him how Californians recreate. See the video Marcin made at the shop, below.

Boring out the holes in the Main Linkage Holder

Since my last update, I’ve put the final touches on the Linkage Pin holders, and Main Pin holder. This required torching, drilling, and boring all holes to size, as well as grinding and sanding all parts so they are smooth. It also required drilling and tapping holes for mounting the punch table to the Linkage Pin holders.

I torched one of the holes in the linkage Saturday for Marcin and Ian. It was a little lopsided and will require some welding, but wasn’t too bad.

I tried torching the other hole today, and failed miserably. =( I didn’t get it started properly, so it only went thru the pilot hole. I drilled a couple other pilot holes, but the same thing happened. I suspect it was because I didn’t have the settings right.  In the process, I broke off one of the files in the torch tip. I couldn’t get it out, despite about 1 hour of trying. I’ll have Jimmy try tomorrow, but I’ll likely need to buy a new tip ($20 unfortunately).


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