Leap day update

Continued on the frame today, as well as the table and ordered more metal from Reliance. Also spoke with Emmanuel about the CAD for the upper and lower arms. That’s almost done, and then I can order the arms.

I ran into a few issues with the frame. Somehow I ended up with a 3.75″ gap at the center, instead of 3″. To remedy it, I torched slots where all the holes were on the frame so I could slide and adjust it more towards the center. The gap is still 3.375″, but it will get smaller when I bolt the frame to the lower arm. Video explaining frame to come tomorrow.

It was very challenging to brake all the parts for that. For future builders, I will recommend simply welding brackets on. Braking is cleaner, and theoretically stronger, so I did it that way. However, it was really hard to accurately predict where the bends would move the mounting holes. I had to torch a couple of the spots away where they met to make the bolt fit. for the other connections, I clamped the side pieces in place, and transfer punched the holes to insure center placement.

I learned a couple things making the braces (see photo below), these bolt on the interior of the frame, and hold the side pieces to the end. DO NOT punch the holes. They must be drilled. The punch deformed the piece in both x and y directions, and I had to use our press to straiten it out. This took a long time.

My Uncle Wade showed me a good way to counterbore for bolts today. Basically you drill a small hole at the center of your hole. Then you use the size magdrill that you want the big part of the hole to be and drill down however far you want the counter bore. Then you flip the piece over and drill the small size. This will spit out the slug from the other side too.


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