Monday 2/20 Update

Another day of long hours with little results. Started at 7:30, finished at 5:30. I find myself getting very frustrated and stressed. We have such a big shop with so many wonderful and exotic tools, and none of them are properly functioning.

Ok. Enough complaining for the day.

I did finish the pins. It was the same process as the others. Since we didn’t have a 1.5″ drill bit, I had to machine the threaded rod a bit to be able to insert it. I then protected the threads with tape and welded. After that you grind away the weld so it’s flush with the top of the pin. See the video below.

I continued working on the main linkage and drilled the “prehole” for the big bit. I may end up renting a large slug bit instead of drilling.

I did prepare the bit for drilling today. This took a long time to prepare because the large bit wouldn’t fit into the drill press. We had to improvise a way to machine it down to be able to chuck it. See the photos and video below. My granddad torched a slit in some tubing so we could put that around the drill bit to chuck it into the lathe. Unfortunately, the table on the drill press wouldn’t lower enough to put the bit in, for some reason it’s getting stuck. Hopefully I’ll diagnose and fix tomorrow.

I learned today that you can take up to .04″ away with each pass on our lathe! Perhaps this is common knowledge, but years had passed since I’ve had machining practice, and I could’ve sworn you weren’t supposed to take more than .01″. This made machining much faster.

I also learned how to adapt a tap to be used with a drill! Very useful. See video below.

I also received and cut the vertical linkages to size. This was interesting, as before cutting it weighed 170 lb. Nobody was around to help me lift it, so I found a ladder and items of various heights and slowly elevated it to saw height.

One more thing worth noting is that I received the blades today. All have arrived except the lower angle blades.


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