Goals for 2/20 Week


1) Pins

  • Pick up TR and weld– Monday
  • Sand down to size- after bushings freeze fit so we know final diameter

2) Main Linkage

  • Drill and bore holes to diameter- Monday
  • Machine down cylinder attachment-  when we find how to fix jig bore or mill. If we do not find solution, I will fly-cut by hand week of 2/27
  • Freeze fit bushings- Put bushings in freezer Monday, freeze fit when done machining.
  • Sand down-Monday, after holes bored.

3) Vertical Linkages

  • Cut to size– Monday
  • Drill and bore holes- Tuesday
  • Tap grease fittings– Tuesday
  • Freeze fit bushings-Tuesday
  • Sand down- Wednesday

4) Punch Table:

  • Torch, Grind- Wednesday
  • Drill, mill mounting holes- Wednesday
  • Fab die holder, weld in place.- Wednesday

5) Main Linkage Holder

  • Dig out materials-before Thursday
  • Torch, grind- Thursday
  • Bore Holes, or drill smaller holes- Thursday
  • Tap mounting holes for table- Thursday

6) Main Pin Holder

  • Torch, grind- Thursday
  • Bore Holes, or drill smaller holes-Thursday
  • Freeze fit bushings- Thursday
  • Sand down- friday or sunday

Non Fabrication

1) Update the Upper and lower arms to have the correct blade size– Monday

2) Order Upper and lower arms- Wednesday. Depends on how soon Emmanuel can draw parts

3) Update frame hole locations- Wednesday

4) Order from Surplus Center– Wednesday

5) Order bolts- Thursday


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