First day of building

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a momentuous day in history; I have finally commenced the build of my very first machine design! It’s a good feeling indeed.

Alas, all I completed today was the machining of the 2″ pins. It was a start though. To do so, I learned to use our monster bandsaw, and re-acquainted myself with a lathe after 4 years not having used one. I took instructional video of it, too. To be compiled into an instructional ASAP. I bought the shaft this morning at Competitive Metals, along with the 2.5″ shaft.

Learned a very valuable lesson today- cut the pins to be about 1/16 ” longer than you need them to be. Its pretty hard to get a perfect cut on the bandsaw, so I ended up lathing off the ends to make it square. Its OK if the pins don’t go all the way thru for these, but it’s sloppy, and I don’t like sloppy.

I got the go-ahead from grandpa to use whatever we have at the shop. I just gotta keep track of it so I can pay him back by the pound.

I also started making the washers to be welded to the pins, but was called home for a delicious dinner instead. Will finish those tomorrow, and weld up the 2″ pins.

I learned about a tool for torching circles with the torch, and made some washers with that. My grandpa made the device in the picture. Its basically just a rod with a slide on the center, a horseshoe at one end to hold it by the hoses, and a ring at the other to go on the torch head. Theres a pin on the slide that you put in the punched center of your circle.


2 responses to “First day of building”

  1. marcinose says :

    Excellent, great documentation, inspiring open source, economically significant info exposed. Please keep a log of purchases made as they happen on the log, in addition to the Bill of Materials.

  2. driveby says :

    Just found your build up and have to say good job and good luck. I want to build an Ironworker myself and liked the simplicity of the Pirhanna and Scotchman. I am looking to build one with less capacity than yours say 50-75 ton simply because I have numerous pieces of heavy plate 1 1/2″ thick by 8″ tall by 86″ long. I am thinking about placing two pieces together to have a 3″ by 8″ by however long the macine needs. How do I find out if this will be enough steel to give me say 75 ton on the hole punch with 10″ of throat depth? Thanks

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