2/7/12 Update

I went to the shop today to tally up what steel we had. We had most of the a-36 I need, but I’ll probably order some of it anyways, as what we have is pretty durned rusty! I still gotta talk to grandpa about what is on and off limits in terms of the stock. He wasn’t there today.

With his green light, I can start fabbing some of the parts tomorrow. I can definitely start on the pins, and likely on the Main Pin and Linkage Pin holders. I might head down to Competitive tomorrow to buy the shaft for the pins and more aluminum for my business.

I also received quotes from Competitive Metals and California Metals today, and posted to the BOM. They were both much cheaper that the other two suppliers, but didn’t have too much variety. The guys at Competitive are looking for the other stuff I need. I’ll probably order much of my stock through them, as I know everyone that works there, and their customer service is great. California was a slightly cheaper on lots of stuff, but charged a $20 cut fee, which would negate all savings.

Other thing I did today was give some love to Franz, my 300D Mercedes. Blog post to follow soon, so I can hopefully save un-witting souls from making the same installation error I did, and am still fixing.


List of Enniss Supply


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