2/6/12 Update

I continued working on materials aquisition today, sending the steel quote to 4 additional suppliers. I have sent to 6 total and have heard from 2. See their quotes here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtAVl-K5-trVdFQ2MG5wVnJyVWxyWDRYeXBUR21QTlE&hl=en_US#gid=1

Unfortunately, one of the companies only sells much of their stock in 20ft sticks, and the other charges somewhere around $9.00 for cuts! this means that even the smallest piece of metal will cost about $10.

My grandad said I could buy steel off of him for the smaller amounts, by the pound. This will drastically reduce the materials price. For small stock, he’s willing to buy the 20 ft sticks and sell me what I need, him keeping the rest.

Now I’m working on getting a more accurate price list together for Marcin. He will mail me a check tomorrow for all materials. The remainder of the money (my and Enniss’ payment) won’t come until I produce a working prototype.

I ordered the blades today, and fortunately, they should be here within a couple of weeks at the latest! The half-moons will be here this week. This is good, because this was something I was worried about, as I can’t machine the upper arm until I receive these. They cost about $1500 overall, including tax and shipping.


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