2/3 Update

I did not meet my deadline once more.

Made a Bill of Materials today, but didn’t finish it in time to get a steel quote from my usual supplier, who is closed for the weekend. I should be able to get another quote tomorrow so I can do the OSE blog post.


2 responses to “2/3 Update”

  1. tiso says :

    Hi, i know it’s late to do changes, but what do you think about cylinder on the top arm? You don’t really need that bottom support frame, and when you need work width heavy parts, you don’t need them move up.

    • bkufa says :

      The height of the machcine should be about waist level or higher so people don’t have to bend over to make cuts.

      The majority of parts you’re working with won’t be that heavy- the maximum cut will be 1x12steel. Big shops have steel rollers leading up to cut tables, so you can roll stock thru the shear.

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