I was going to purchase blades today, but realized my cheapest blade supplier had the wrong dimensions for the P90. I’ll have to call him tomorrow to see if he has the other blade available and what his prices are.  He did give me dimensions for the 5″ angle blade though- 5.25″ each way. Since the upper blade is bigger, it means there is even less angle blade clearance than i’d thought.

The other problem is I still haven’t cracked the motion analysis for a 6″ blade.

I found a way to do motion analysis by using simple geometric shapes to represent the components, and circles to represent their rotation radius. This helped me to properly place the cylinder mount to insure a full cut and the maximum “cut gap” for the 5″ angle shear. I still don’t have the dimensions for the 6″ blade though, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make that work as well.

I’ve been working on the proposal document as well. Before it’s ready, I need to change the analysis of industry standards to a smaller machine, and finish the systems engineering breakdown. Also, I need to get a quote for hardening bushings, and put together a BOM. This is to be done after I speak with the Blade guy tomorrow, as this will decide which version of machine I will be making, the 5″ angle, or the 6″ angle.


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