Unfortunately I broke my lap top yesterday with all of my files. It doesn’t look like I’ll  be able to recover my data, although Dell has agreed to fix it. This sets me back a couple of days, as I spent all day today running around and trying to get it fixed. I also lost all of the work I did yesterday, namely modeling more parts on our Piranha.  Also, it makes  it more difficult to model parts in the shop. Oh well, worse things have happened to better people. It was my damn fault anyways.

However, I’m still sticking to my goal of finishing the model for it by friday. I’ve worked out many of the stumbling blocks (in the many hours spent driving back and forth to fix the computer)…

I also got OSE a new MIG welder. This required a TON of running around.

On an unrelated note, I’ve surpassed $500 in orders this month for shelves. I’m constantly relieved when I get more orders. I never know how long its gonna be till I get another paycheck. Its odd to think that I might actually end this year with more money than I’ve started with, all from my own business!!


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