Ironworker goals

My main goal this week is to finish the sketchup model of the Ironworker. This should be done by friday, and then I will blog my model, along with the calculations for it, on OSE for other engineers to double check my calculations. After this, I will generate a BOM and finish the remainder of the proposal. This will be done by the following friday, 2/3. As soon as my proposal is approved, I will order materials and begin building ASAP.

I will be checking off these goals as I complete them, with a date.

For this week, here is what still needs to be modeled and figured out:

  • Punch assy, including stripper and die holder
  • Vertical linkages ( 1/24 ) and main linkage 
  • Main Pin holder –   1/24
  • Find necessary extra length of arm for optional coper-notcher attachment –  1/23
  • Upper arm
  • lower arm
  • angle shear mechanism 
  • base
  • dovetail locking system for punch
  • Pins
  • Hold down device- angle  and flat
  • Backstop –  1/24
  • valve mounts
For many of these, I will include scaling calculations for thicknesses and pins.

Where I may run into difficulties:

  • Motion analysis- I may need help insuring the machine gets the full range of motion. This will involve length of vertical linkages, and hole placements for main linkage pin and cylinder pin.
  • Punch assy- need to re-develop OSE concept for different dies.  Difficulty will be in attaching the guide so it still allows the same or more clearance as was in the original prototype
  • Pins- need to find best method of making pins which allows for greasing and still pulls together pieces
  • Angle shear- it will be hard to figure a way to make this easily replicable
  • Making the base- haven’t even thought about it
  • hold down device- havent thought about it.

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