Ironworker Concept Change

Today, I adopted a new strategy for the Ironworker, after a long discussion with Marcin.

Here’s the essence of the design change, from an email I sent Marcin earlier:

I found a way to get dimensions for the 90T piranha and the main arm is 4"
wide x ~14" tall x ~60" long. There are two of these about the same size.
These would cost roughly $1200 per arm and weigh 1000 lb each.

I don't have the understanding of the shearing to really KNOW if a member
this thick is absolutely necessary, but I can tell you that just the 50T
is 2 5/8", and a 40T scotchman is a similar thickness, although its only
about 5" tall. I don't think they would make it that thick if it wasn't

So heres what I'm proposing. We make most dimensions the same as the 50T
ironworker but with thicker blades and the bigger cylinder. I can insure
the punch still gets 90T, and that none of the bushings egg. We determine
its shearing capacity by experiment. It should have the power, but I'm not
sure if it will deform the arm over time. We can check it on a regular
basis with a straight edge to see if its deforming.

If we imitate the 50T, the arm would be 3"x12"x 54", weigh ~550lb, and
cost ~$600

The 50T piranha has the following shearing capacities:
-Flat: 1" x 4" w / Fixed Hold-down, 3/4" x 10", or 5/8" x 15"
-Angle: 5x5x3/8

Marcin agreed. This simplifies my work immensely, and I should have a design ready for review by early next week.


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